Dr. Marwan Kahoul

cardiologist, Cardiology Specialist, Dr. Marwan Kahoul

About him...

Dr. Marwan is a highly qualified cardiology specialist with high skills (diagnois and treating various cardiovascular diseases and using non-invasive and invasive investigational methods) 

  1. Cardiac Care Unit and Intensive Care Unit.
  2. Cardiac Stress Test.
  3. Holter. 
  4. Echocardiography.
  5. Implant temorary and permanent pacemaker.
  6. Cardiac catheter diagnostic and therapeutic.



Internal Medicine Specialist:

from 2009 to 2011 in his own clinic- Syria.


Cardiovascular Medicine Specialist:

from 2013-2016 as a cardiology fellow at Bassel Al-Assad Hospital.

from 2017-2020 he worked in hospitals in  Damscus-Syria.

in addition to his work in the hopsitals, he recieved patients in his own clinic during that period.

from 2020-2022 he worked in different private hospitals in Damascus/Syria like AL- FAIHAA, AL- SALAM and AL- MADINA.


Bachelor of medicine- Aleppo University in 6/12/1998.

Degree Certificate of Specialization in Internal Medicine Diseases in 16/06/2009.

Degree Certificate of specialization in Cardiovascular Diseases in 18/05/2016.

In addition to almost 100 certificates from worldwide conferences he attended and participated in.




MOHAP – 6165 – EXP: 04/02/2022